Breast Cancer Patient Support

Always Together with Breast Cancer Patients.

〜 We provide solutions for improved breast cancer treatment and care 〜

We offer custom genomics and molecular services for clinical diagnosis and develop products and devices for preventive and/or postoperative diagnosis and breast reconstruction comprehensively.

  1. Preventive Diagnosis : Genetic Screen for Risk AlleleCustom Services

    This service provides tests and analysis that find breast cancer risk alleles in a healthy person.

  2. Test for Postoperative Diagnosis : PAM50Custom Services

    PAM50 is a diagnostic assay that evaluates the risk of distant breast cancer recurrence by using profile data of the 50 genes related to the prognosis of invasive breast cancer.
    PAM50 test examines the activity of these 50 genes in breast cancer cells taken from resected patient tumors. Result in PAM50 provides the characteristic and the risk of recurrence in future in the patient’s breast cancer.

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  3. Postoperative breast reconstruction with cell culture medium
    (Under development) Medical Material

    • Feature 1 : New breast reconstruction technology with a less burden on the human body

      We develop new breast reconstruction technology using human MSC-CM (Mesenchymal Stem Cells – Conditioned Medium).Reconstructed breast with using our technology can keep shape of the breast long and less burdens for a human body.

    • Feature 2 : Establishment of novel breast reconstruction method in partnership with breast cancer specialists

      Breast reconstruction is currently performed by plastic surgery specialists or cosmetic surgeons. Therefore, breast cancer specialists are not involved in breast reconstruction surgery.
      Medbis proposes a new breast reconstruction technology that breast cancer specialists can offer in collaboration with plastic surgery specialists / cosmetic surgeons to improve patient quality of life(QOL).

  4. Research and Development in the latest screening methods and diagnostic assays by collaboration with KBCRN Development

    KBCRN (Kyoto Breast Cancer Research Network) is Japan’s largest and most prominent study group consisting of breast cancer experts and researchers. Medbis develops and evaluates diagnostic assays, devices, and screening methods discussed and shared with KBCRN.
    In addition, we contribute to breast cancer therapy as an incubator and accelerator of KBCRN.

Health Care

Bring innovative Health Science for all

〜 Challenge to “Aging” disease 〜

  1. Stem Cells culture supernatant products Medical Material

    Stem Cells culture supernatant includes various biologically active substances released from Stem Cells during cell culture. The biologically active substances included in Stem Cells culture supernatant products are next-generation medical materials which are expected to have various effects, including aging prevention.
    As the general agency of General Incorporated Association Advalife Science, we provide highly safe Stem Cells culture supernatant developed and manufactured by General Incorporated Association Advalife Science to medical institution in Japan and overseas.

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  2. NMN therapy (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide Therapy)Supplement

    NMN is an advanced and ultimate substance having effect to anti-aging. We provide “Puerfons 12000 Premium” of NMN-included supplements, which is approved by Dr. David A. Sinclair. Dr. Sinclair is a professor of medical college at Harvard University and is considered a pioneer in the anti-aging study.
    “Puerfons 12000 Premium” includes 12000mg of NMN of the highest purity. “Puerfons 12000 Premium” consists of three components NMN, Resveratrol and CoQ10 and these combinations are revolutionary.

    (Caution : Since it is used for NMN therapy, it is provided only to doctors and medical institutions.)

  3. “Re : A” : New-generation stem cell-based cosmetics using Japan’s domestic materials and Japan-made.Cosmetisc

    Stem cells secrete many physiologically active substances into the medium during cell culturing. Some reports show that more than 500 types of substances are secreted The functions of these active physiological substances can bring out the skin potential, which is expected to realise the future type of anti-ageing care.
    Re:A contains a high-concentrated stem cell-conditioned medium. The theory is that Re:A promotes the regeneration of skin tissue by taking active physiological substances secreted by stem cells into the skin and body.

    • Feature 1 : Formulation for Japanese

    • Feature 2 : Uses only Japan’s domestic materials and made in Japan

    • Feature 3 : Successful mixture/formulation of high-concentrated stem cell-conditioned medium from years of research.

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Assessment Institution : Connects patients, medical institutions and academic institutions.

~ Roles as Reference Laboratory : Information dissemination from Kyoto Research Park at Kyoto University. 〜

Medbis is a research institution having the role of Reference Laboratory and do scientific and technical survey and assessment in diagnostic agents & devices and inspection methods depending on requests from researchers while collaborating with academic and medical institutions.
*Inspection/Work in progress

  1. PAM50

    PAM50 is a diagnostic assay that evaluates the risk of distant breast cancer recurrence by using profile data of the 50 genes related to the prognosis of invasive breast cancer.
    PAM50 test examines the activity of these 50 genes in breast cancer cells taken from resected patient tumors. Result in PAM50 provides the characteristic and the risk of recurrence in future in the patient’s breast cancer.

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  2. Gene Expression Analysis by using nCounter Analysis System

    Panels are customized for research themes such as cancer, immunity and nerves. For example, PanCancer Pathway Panel, we can analyse both cancer driver genes and Pathway-related genes, PanCancer Immune Panel, we can analyse both cancer-related genes and immune-related genes.
    The analysis report provides an understanding of deep gens associated with cancer progression.

    ・Direct digital counting ( PCR not needed)
    ・Multiplex analysis up to 800 genes
    ・Detectable with FFPE (Formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded) sample1
    ・A variety of pre-designed panels are available

  3. Gene Expression Analysis, such as PAM50, depending on requests

    We can flexibly accommodate the requests from medical, academic institutes and researchers directly.
    Please get in touch with us for more details.


Clinical Research Support for connecting Researchers and Patients

〜We support you with the best skill in every step of clinical research and development, from planning to launching into the market, including pharmaceutical and regenerative products, and medical devices.〜

Medbis strongly supports you with the best skills and various end-to-end services from planning to launching into the market. Our support helps researchers create favourable conditions to make a social contribution freely.

Our services include:

  • Consulting services for Planning, Monitoring and Product development
  • Data management and Statistical analysis
  • Clinical research management and application for licensing


「Kizuna -meaning bond-」
〜bond People-to-People,
People with innovation

~Medbis is a group of passionate intellectuals and professionals Experts making best efforts with passion to explore encounters and opportunities with people.〜

Medbis continuously strives to provide an exciting, friendly and sustainable working environment for our employees to maximise and realise our potential.

Excellence and compassion are our team’s core strengths. Our strengths help bridge the distances while building a trusted relationship between our customers and us to provide solutions and improve quality of life.

  • Feature 1 : Provide an employee-friendly environment

    We respect each employee’s value and work and life balance. And then, we adopt flexible work patterns fitting individual lifestyle regardless of age or gender to ease our employees to keep good balance such as parenting and/or caring the elderly.

  • Feature 2 : Gender-free and Variety of employee pattern

    As a company with operations around the world, we recruit diverse people regardless of nationality or gender.
    We also continuously work to improve the environment that our employees respect individual values (including work style, hobby, preference, culture, religion) each other through encounters with other people, bring out their originality and discover various things with a broad view.